Sibley Cross Country

11/11/2018 - 3/10/2019 - The winter training season is upon us!  Many of our runners participate in a winter sport, and we are proud of all our multi-sport athletes.  For those who don't do a winter sport, we encourage you to keep running through the winter. Our captains and senior leaders who aren't in a winter sport will lead runs each day after school and as many who would like to join are welcome.  If you are interested in participating and are unable to connect with one of the veteran runners, just email Kluz and he can get you linked up with the group.  We would love to see everyone either join a winter sport and stay fit doing that, or else come and train with the group each weekday after school.

Some of the runners request training plans specific to them and some prefer to follow a looser structure.  If you choose your own path as you go this winter, consider committing to a full five day week and include some mix of the runs below:

Long Run - 7 to 10 miles depending on ability and previous long run experience.  One of these each week.
Speed Session - Choose a tempo, progression, mile repeats, or hill repeats.  One of these each week.
Regular Run - 5 to 8 miles depending on ability and previous mileage experience.  Three of these each week.
Iron Strength - Two days of lifting each week
Core Work - Three to five days of this each week

Racing Opportunities - in addition to training, there are six total indoor track races this winter.  One is put on by MDRA at the University of MN and the other five are put on by USATF at Bethel College.  There is no website for the U of M race, it's just a show up that evening and pay $5 to run sort of deal, but it's good competition and a fun early season race.  It is called Meet of Miles and is held at the U of M Fieldhouse starting at 6PM on Monday, January 14th.  The other five meets are more of a structured environment and info can be found at