This is going to be an exciting year in science.  There will be many opportunities to experience new things and ask great questions.  I look forward to getting to know my students and challenging them to think outside the box.  A little bit of information about me is that I have been teaching science at Heritage since 1999.  I love to be outdoors and to wonder why and how things work.  I attended Winona State University for my undergraduate degree and later went on to get my Masters of Teaching  for St. Mary's University in Winona, MN. 

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iTunes U Course Code

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This year students will access the assignments for science through an iTunes U course.  This is easily done on their iPad.  Students will need to join the course (this was done together as a class) and enter a code.  If for some reason students have not enrolled in the course the code for enrolling is listed below.  After enrollment students can access assignments, receive messages from me, turn in work and even download this assignment so no internet access is required at home to complete the work.


Grading Information

posted Oct 2, 2014, 12:58 PM by Kristin Dirksen

Thank you for checking Schoolview to find out how your student is doing in my class and others here at Heritage.

  I wanted to provide some information about how science is graded.  When you check your student's Schoolview account you may notice that I do not grade based on assignment completion but instead I score students based on mastery of a skill.  For example you may see that "graphing" is an assignment or "data collection" is listed as something your child has a score in.  Students have multiple opportunities throughout class to perfect the skill.  I assess these opportunities in a variety of ways:  lab work, written reports, oral communication, and electronic documents.  Keep in mind because skills are assessed throughout the quarter students grades in any given skill could always improve.  Quite frequently in order to assess a skill I need a particular assignment turned in to me.  If you notice a "missing" for a particular skill it means that as of that moment in time I did not have a way to assess it.  This could be because a student was absent or they failed to turn in the assignment that illustrated mastery of the skill.  You should be able to see next to the skills which tasks/assignments I used to assess the skill.

I am always willing to work with students to help achieve skill mastery.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


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5th Grade Science - September

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Our first trip to the Dodge Nature Center is on Sept. 22nd or 23rd.  Please make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.  You need to wear closed toe shoes...NO SANDALS.  If the ground has been wet please do not wear your favorite pair of shoes as they may get muddy.  A light jacket or a sweatshirt is appropriate if the temperature is cooler.  You will be bringing your iPad to Dodge so please have it charged and ready.


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