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October 16th - Parent Teacher Conferences
October 18th &19th- No School
October 25th - Picture Retakes
October 25th - Trunk or Treat @ 6pm
Week of October 29th - 3rd Grade Play Week - Performances Friday mid-day and evening
December 21st - Wooddale Fun Zone Skating Field Trip 10:30-2:00

Week of October 14th

Colder Weather

With many areas of the Twin Cities seeing snow in the last few days it is a reminder that colder weather is here and winter is right around the corner. With highs in the upper 40s/low 50s this week, without the wind chill, it is important that students are dressing appropriately for the weather. With waiting for busses, playing outside before school and having first recess, most of the time the students aren't even outside when it hits the warmest point of the day. Students should at least have a jacket, but it could also be good to start locating and labeling all those hats and mittens. 

Parent Pickup and Drop off

Please make sure that when you are picking up and dropping off your child that they are entering and exiting the vehicle from the side next to the sidewalk. If you are unable to park next to the sidewalk, please walk with your child across the parking lot. 

No School

Reminder, there is no school this Thursday and Friday due to the Minnesota Teachers' Convention.

 Conferences Continue This Week

Tuesday night is the second night of conferences. Thank you to everyone who attended conferences Thursday and I'm looking forward to meeting with everyone else on Tuesday. I am completely booked solid and I will do my best to stay on time with the bells.


With this week being a short week students will still start new spelling on Monday, but we will use the words for 2 weeks. 

Week of October 7th
Thursday is our first round of conferences. Both of my conference nights are booked completely solid. I will do my best to stay on time with the bells. I'm looking forward to discussing your child's progress so far this year!

Bring a Loved One to Lunch
October 12th lunch has been changed to italian dunkers for bring a loved one to lunch day!

Week of Sept. 30th

Reminder, there is no school this Friday due to teacher professional development.



Parent teacher conferences are coming up October 11th and 16th.  Mr. Goldade will be sending out an email this week through PTC Fast, the same website used for fall reading assessments. If you have any trouble signing up for conferences please let me know or call the office for assistance. 


Math Test Results

Last Thursday we had our first math test. Last year the district when to digital assessments, but for this first test we had technology issues and most students had to take their test on paper.  In Wednesday folders you will find a printout of their test results and their paper copy of the test. I encourage students to write anything on their paper that they need to help them solve problems. There were certain questions that I told them they were required to show their work on. At conferences I will share with you your child’s math report card that is broken down by skill. Results from chapter 1 tests will be handed out at conferences due to them coming up so quickly. 

Week of Sept. 23rd

Spirit Day 

Friday is Spirit Day! Wear red and yellow!

Math Test on Representing and Interpreting Data

Thursday we will have our first math test.  Wednesday we will do an in class review and for homework your child will have specific questions to focus on.  Your child will have their review packet from class to use for their homework.  There is nothing to turn in the next day, but it is helpful for parents to go over suggested questions with their child.

Picture Day!

Wednesday is picture day.  All students will have their picture taken for the yearbook. If you would like to order pictures, your child should have their picture order form with them by Wednesday. 

Week of Sept. 16th


This week students will have the option to bring home their iPad for homework. Math will continue to have the paper option, but there will also be the option of completing it digitally.  The digital homework has a button where students can get help as they work.  I will have students bring home the paper option this week as well. We believe we have solved all of the student login issues, but in case they can’t log in they should do paper homework instead.  The HMH Go Math app is a free download if you have a device at home you would like to download it to.


iPads should only be used for school work and only used by the student it is assigned to. iPads should travel to and from school in a zipper plastic bag sandwiched inside student planners.  iPads should only be charged at school. 


PTA Enrichment

This week begins our first set of PTA Enrichment classes.  Classes run until 3:15.


Word Work (Spelling)

This week is our 2nd week of spelling. Students should have their word work notebook with them for homework that is written.  If your child forgets their notebook they should complete it on a different sheet of paper so that it is still being completed. 

MAP Testing

This week we will have Reading MAP testing on Tuesday and Math MAP testing on Thursday.  Students should get a good night’s rest and eat a good breakfast to help them do their best.


Accelerated Reader (AR)

Last week I began meeting with students to set 1st quarter AR goals.  Students can take tests on books they read at home. I recommend having the student write the book title and author in their planner so that they have the information needed when they get to school.

Week of Sept. 9th

Hi Everyone!

I think we had a great first week. We got a great start working with routines and classroom procedures. This week we will continue to work more on classroom routines focusing more on our Daily 5 reading and a typical day with our math block. Last week we began by easing into school with just having reading for homework. This week we will be adding word work and math homework. 


We are beginning our second year with Go Math and will be starting with our chapter 2 focused on data. This week we will have paper math homework, in a week or two digital homework will become an option. Students should return their homework back to school the day after it is assigned. Fridays Dreambox will be assigned for homework over the weekend. On Fridays we use our math time to work on enrichment activities, meet with students in small groups and one-on-one. In last week’s Wednesday folders you should have found information on how to log onto Dreambox and XtraMath from home, if there wasn’t a parent account connected with it from last year.  If your child is having trouble with Dreambox please encourage them to work through the lesson. Dreambox is an adaptive program that will give students new activities based on mistakes they make.  

Word Work/Spelling

Last week we completed a spelling inventory that I use to place students into groups based on their needs. Your child should keep their words in their “planner pouch” in their three ring binder to use them at school and home.  Each night there will be a different activity for homework. Fridays students will have a ten word test based on the word patterns for the week. Monday’s homework will be regular sort, students should sort their words based on the pattern we used in class and read the words out loud.  A sorting key can be found on the back of your welcome packet from open house or on the homework portion of this website. Sorting keys will be digitally shared on Seesaw each Monday.


If your child doesn’t have headphones at school yet it is important that they have them by Friday. With several spelling groups, I prerecord myself giving the tests so that students can all take their tests independently and at their own pace, but at the same time.  It is important they all have headphones so they can focus on their own test. 

Parent Signatures/Initials

 We have discussed in class the expectations for planners and reading minutes.  Each day I look for students to have their planner signed or initialed at the bottom.  Sometimes I send notes home in planners and it is also to confirm that parents saw the homework. This is also a great place to write me a short note for things like changes in way home.  

Mondays I will also be checking for reading minutes to be signed.  Students should be filling out their home reading minutes on their reading log each night and Saturday or Sunday students should have a parent help them count the number of  total minutes read and initial next to it. 

Scholastic Book Orders

Book orders will come home once a month. You have the option of ordering online or filling out the paper copy and sending it back to school with your child. Either way, the books will be delivered to our classroom. Click here to access the Scholastic Website. I also have a link to Scholastic in the Hot Buttons section on our homepage as well as under the Browse Our Site yellow banner which is always available on the left hand side of our website.

If ordering online, our classroom code is LBHGQ.


Mrs. Schwartz in the office has asked me to remind all parents that all student absences should be called in using the attendance line, 651-403-8007.

2017-18 Schedule

I'm so excited to meet you and get to know you this year! This year we will use a wide variety of apps and websites. Students will be assigned an iPad that will be able to go home for homework purposes when assigned. I also use flexible seating in my classroom, but we will start the year with assigned spots until we have settled into routines. 

BAS Testing: 
August 21st 9:00 - 5:00pm
August 22st - 9:00 - 5:00pm
BAS Testing is an excellent way for me to get to know your child a little bit before school starts, read with your child, help your child become a little familiar with the classroom before school starts, ask questions, pick some books for their book bin, pick their locker and help me plan personalized learning for your child prior to school starting. Mr. Goldade will be sending out a sign up through PTC Fast when placement letters are sent out. If you don't receive the email or are having any trouble signing up please let me know so we can find a time that works. 

Please label these items with your child's name
Pencil Pouches -Cloth zipper pouches with grommets (The completely clear pouches that don't have any metal pieces usually break within a month.)
Headphones - Earbuds or regular headphones- I will give them a plastic bag for them, but a glasses case works well as an alternative. 

I have some supplies that students are welcome to share and that you don't need to purchase off the school supply list. 
Colored Pencils
Pencil Topper Erasers

*No zipper 3 ring binders please. 3 ring binders should be able to lay flat when opened.

*Please remember locker decorations such as mirrors, shelving, magnets and accessories should all remain at home.

Open House is August 29th from 4:00-5:30. The mile run and potluck are from 5:30-7:00. 

If you have not signed up for transportation yet please to it as soon as possible to ensure your child has a ride home on the first day, if your child will be riding the bus. It can be done online online at or by calling 651-403-8320.

Below is my class info packet link. If you would like to fill out out before BAS testing or open house please click below. 

Laura Sahr,
Aug 13, 2018, 8:57 AM