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Teaching physics is my dream job. An electrical engineer by training, I worked in industry for 15 years before I began teaching. Becoming a teacher was the best career decision I've made. I've been teaching at Henry Sibley High School since 2002.

My goal as a teacher is to use physics to help students develop analytical skills and become expert problem solvers. In addition, our physics classes are intended to be rigorous and challenging, to prepare students for success in college and beyond. 

The most useful information on this site is the daily calendars. Links to these calendars are on the top left. Use these to find out what is going on in our class.

Please know that I am committed to helping all students succeed. Please contact me (preferably by email) if you have questions or suggestions.

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Peter Bohacek
651 238 9175                                                                                 

Teaching Schedule
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CIS Intro to College PhysicsB202