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Volunteer Fair April 18
2:36-6pm in BHS Cafeteria 
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Stop by and earn volunteering hours for filling out a BHS Volunteer Fair Form.

Youth Service—Community Volunteer Elective
Through the elective, Youth Service—Community Volunteer, students are able to earn one-half credit for giving 40 hours of service to the community, along with two other requirements: a reflection meeting and an essay describing their volunteer service. These activities are important in helping the student understand the value and benefits of volunteering. Students may take this course for six semesters, but only one youth service credit may be used to fulfill graduation requirements.

Where Can I Volunteer?

There are many opportunities for volunteering in the community, including both long-term service and one-time events. Some examples are tutoring or helping a teacher at elementary and junior high schools, activities with the elderly or people with disabilities, working at a hospital or zoo, serving the less fortunate, coaching youth sports, and preserving the environment. Students are able to design their own experience, with the approval of the Youth Service Specialist, or choose from a list of current opportunities (click on the CURRENT LIST page at the left). Students are not assigned a place to volunteer.

How Do I Earn Credit for Volunteering?
To earn one-half credit, students must complete one or more volunteer activities to total 40 hours of service, submit time sheets (signed and verified by their volunteer supervisor) and a typed essay, and attend one reflection each semester. There is no daily class time. Service must be performed after school, in the evening, or on weekends, with some exceptions, such as peer tutoring. Summer volunteering can be counted toward the fall semester if the student has enrolled in the course in the previous semester. Volunteer hours completed for the National Honor Society or AVID may be counted toward the service requirement for Youth Service elective. No credit will be given for service hours completed as a required part of another class or if completed as part of a court judgment or restitution.

How Do I Sign Up for the Course?
Students may enroll in this course at any time during the semester, and they may take as long as necessary to complete the requirements (one semester or more); a grade of Pass will be awarded at the end of the semester in which requirements are met. Enrollment forms are required and should be turned in to Ms. Ostoff, the Youth Service Coordinator, in E118 or the Main Office. You will be asked to attend an interview session with Ms. Ostoff to get you started. Download enrollment forms here.