K-5 Math in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage

Throughout the 2011/2012 school year, elementary teachers engaged in a process to look at state standards and then current instructional materials. After careful review, teachers decided that other materials would more closely align with the required mathmatics standards and our district curriculum. Through an evaluation process, Math in Focus was chosen.

What is Singapore Math?

"Singapore math" is the term used to refer to the mathematics curriculum used in Singapore. For over 15 years, Singapore has consistently scored at the top of international mathematics comparison studies. Its unique approach to teaching math—which focuses on problem solving, deep understanding, and model drawing—has helped Singapore students excel. U.S. students now have the same opportunity to benefit from this proven curriculum!

Singapore Math Video for parents

What is Math in Focus®

Math in Focus is the U.S. edition of Singapore's most widely used program. It teaches the same content as traditional mathematics programs—just in a way that emphasizes understanding and flexible thinking. Math in Focus will teach your children both how and why math works. This deep understanding means that they will be better able to use math in real-life situations.

Watch the video at the right to learn more about Math in Focus.

Math in Focus: Singapore Math by Marshall CavendishThe Underpinning Concept

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