Welcome to BHS Summer Reading 2016!

Welcome to Burnsville High School's summer reading program. We believe that reading not only educates the mind but also uplifts the spirit. Sharing in the experience of a common text allows us to bring our many perspectives to one collection of ideas. Literature is an avenue for exploring diverse cultures and responses, and we can do this both by reading many books and by listening to the many voices discuss a single book. In order to keep your active reading skills sharp and offer all students a common experience with a text, there is a summer reading requirement. Summer reading is also an opportunity to prepare in advance for the themes, concepts, and terms that we will explore together. Our hope is that everyone at BHS will share the experience of enjoying literature and discovering themselves in books.

Please select the grade you are entering from the tabs on top for specific information pertaining to your summer reading requirements.

Thank you,
The BHS Language Arts Team