BHS Scholarship Application

Each year numerous scholarships are offered to Burnsville High School (BHS) Seniors. These scholarships are given by local businesses, community members, service organizations and alumni. In order to provide a system of integrity and fairness, BHS has developed the following application process.


• In February the Community Scholarship Application and scholarship information will be available to BHS Seniors. The application will be posted on Navaince through your Family Connection site. The application is located in the About Me tab under surveys. 

• On March 17, 2017 all Community Scholarship Applications must be submitted online. No late applications will be accepted. All applications will be submitted/accepted online only.

• During the month of April, Foundation 191 will review all Community Scholarship Applications and determine the students who will receive the scholarships. Senior scholarship winners and award candidates will be notified by the end of April by mail/email to attend the ceremony.

• On May 15, 2017 BHS will host the Senior Awards Ceremony in the Mraz Theatre at 7:00 pm. During the Awards Ceremony, the community application scholarships will be awarded to the winners.

• Scholarship winners will receive instructions on how to claim their scholarship check within one week after the Awards Ceremony.

• Scholarships will be awarded to students who plan to attend community colleges, technical colleges, four-year colleges or specialized schools.