The Minnesota Association for Adapted Athletics (MAAA) was initially organized in 1975 with a three-team league, all from the Minneapolis area.  The league has since grown to include students from over 21 schools from the Twin Cities metropolitan and suburban areas, as well as a few greater Minnesota schools.   The MAAA program provides physical, social and psychological development to students with mental and/or physical disabilities.  Through experience in sports, the athlete gains confidence and builds a positive self image associated with success, which carries over into the classroom, home, job and community 

Eligibility Criteria:

PI:  Students must have a physical disability or health impairment.  There must be documentation of a medically diagnosed neuromuscular, postural/skeletal, traumatic growth or neurological impairment which significantly impacts the student physical functioning.

CI:  Students’ intellectual functioning must be indicated by an intelligence quotient below 70.  

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PI Website

View the Blazing Cats CI Division website for more information. 

Please contact
Ronna Johnson for information regarding the PI Division.

If you want to play, please read, fill out and send the online registration form prior to the first practice of your team. Please contact Burnsville Adaptive Athletic Coordinator Ronna Johnson for busing information.

Ronna Johnson