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It's Marching Band time again!

Here are details about the two parades this week:

Friday, September 7 - Harriet Bishop parade
The parade begins at 1:30 pm in the Harriet Bishop parking lot. (14400 O'Connell Road, Savage) 
Students should meet in the BHS band room by 12:30 pm. on Friday  Please eat lunch before that time.  If you normally have Lunch E, eat during Lunch D that day.   Mr. French will excuse you from your afternoon classes.
Buses will leave BHS at 12:45.  We should return to BHS between 2:30 and 2:45 pm.

Saturday, September 8 - Firemuster parade
We will meet on the corner of 130th St. and Parkwood in Burnsville at 10:00 am.
The parade begins at 11:00 am.  IMPORTANT:  The parade begins and ends in two different locations.  Do not bring anything but your instrument - no lyre, no music, no instrument case, etc.  
Snacks and water will be provided once we are done marching.  Students should be picked up near the Burnsville ice arena on Civic Center Parkway.  Please do not wait until the parade is over before you leave to meet your student!
Plan on taking your instrument home from school on Friday and then home with you after the parade.  The school will not be open for you to get your instrument before the parade or take it back to the school afterward!

Standard parade uniform will be worn for both parades:  Yellow marching band s-shirt, black shorts, no-show socks, and shoes that tie.

We are looking for parent volunteers to keep the band hydrated during both parades. For Friday's Harriet Bishop parade, volunteers should meet us in the Harriet Bishop parking lot at 1:15 pm.  If you would like to ride the bus from BHS, please let us know.  We will meet in the BHS band room at 12:30.

Volunteers for Saturday's Firemuster parade should meet us near the corner of 130th St. and Parkwood in Burnsville at 10:45 am.  The parade begins at 11:00.  Please also see the notes above regarding the end location!

If you can help at either parade, please CLICK HERE!

Marching band practice will return to its normal school-year schedule:

Mondays & Thursdays        Drumline/guard - 5:30 - 8:30 pm
                                            Brass/Winds - 6:15 - 8:30 pm

The schedule for football game days is as follows:

3:00 - 5:00 pm     Practice
5:00 - 6:00 pm     Pizza dinner (provided by Band Boosters
6:20 pm               Pregame show on the plaza 
6:30 pm               Pregame show on the field
7:00 pm               Kickoff!
Post game           Performance in the stands, followed by drumline show on the plaza


The district requires all students participating in any activity to fill out the activity sign-up form and pay a $45 activity fee.  This is done through the FeePay site, which is the same site that is used to add funds to a student's lunch account.  You can access the site through the link below, and you will need to register if you have not done so already.  There are registration instructions posted below.

The Google calendar has been updated with the  2018 dates!

Marching Band 2017



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Brass/Woodwinds Instructors:
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Color Guard Instructor:
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Band Boosters Treasurer:
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Be sure to like our Facebook page.  There will be photos and other fun things posted throughout the season!

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Linda Schmeichel,
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Linda Schmeichel,
May 16, 2018, 5:25 AM
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