Fourth Grade Team

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Garfield's 4th Grade Team
Together, we have over 60 years of combined teaching experience. More than 40 of those years have been in 4th grade.

We look forward to chatting with you!
Mr. Andresen has a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from Bemidji State University and a Master of Special Education Degree from St. Cloud State University.  Your best luck at finding Mr. Andresen is on the water somewhere or in the Brainerd High School strength room where he coaches in the winter. We have several children of our own sprinkled throughout activities and classes in our schools.

Mr. Litke also has a Masters Degree in the area of Curriculum and Instruction from Southwest State University. He earned his Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education from St. Cloud State University. Mr. Litke enjoys rides in the woods on horseback or skiing with his family.

Mrs. Streiff is our leader as demonstrated by her Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Southwest State University. She earned her Bachelor Degree from Mankato State University in Elementary Education. Outside of school we enjoy our families and the lake country. You may see Mrs. Streiff at any one of the local sporting events or coaching at the Brainerd High School Pool.