Welcome to Brainerd High School- South Campus!

Meeting your 9th grade school counselor:

I have been employed with the Brainerd School District since the fall of 1998. My first two years were spent as the Director of the Career Center at Brainerd High School.

After earning my Master's degree in School Counseling, I became a licensed school counselor at the former Franklin Jr. High School for 8th and 9th graders in Brainerd.

When Franklin closed, I became the 9th grade counselor at SC. I enjoy the varied "beat" of South Campus which our students, parents, and staff bring to  the campus. My hunch is that you will enjoy the SC experience, as well.

May you have a great school year! I look forward to meeting you.

Jackie Extrand
Licensed School Counselor
(218) 454-5370

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