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I have been teaching 8th grade math in Brainerd since the fall of 2004.  Prior to that, I had been teaching 7th grade and high school math courses in Becker, MN.  
I attended North Dakota State University as an undergraduate, obtained a physical science certification five years later, and then completed my master's degree in mathematics at St. Cloud State Universtiy.
Students in the courses I teach will be studying content in algebra or intermediate algebra. Topics in algebra include a wide variety of equation solving, an introduction to linear algebra concepts, the study of rational number concepts, and an introduction to work with exponential rules and polynomals.
Students in linear algebra experience a short review in linear algebra concepts and then move on to studying systems of equations, polynomial operations, quadratic equations, and exponential operations.  The pre-requisite for intermediate algebra is the successful completion of one year of algebra in grade 7.

Supplies for this course are a scientific calculator with fraction capability, pencils,  a one and a half inch ring binder for the algebra course, and loose leaf paper.
Supplies for the intermediate course are the same but the calculator recommended is the TI-84 plus.