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You've reached Ms Loney's 8th grade science home page.  I have enjoyed teaching this class for 18 years. I received my science training from Saint Cloud State, and my graduate degree through Southwest State.  I am married, have two grown children and love the outdoors.  During my free time I enjoy scuba diving, traveling, gardening, yoga and spending time with family and friends. At our house we enjoy our two dogs and a cat - all have been rescued. The cat, Cozumela, and our dog, Layla are both former residents of Cozumel, Mexico. 
8th Grade Science

This year's science class is Earth Science.  We study Earth in space, Earth's atmosphere which includes it's weather, and the Earth itself. Throughout the year we will be busy with numerous activities and investigations. We will learn all about our terrestrial home, and why we need to be good stewards of our unique, life supporting planet.