Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations 2017

Ms. Schulte – English 9

Welcome to BHS South Campus and Ninth Grade English.   As your teacher, I am looking forward to getting to know you and working together to build a terrific year!

Materials Needed for English Class

  • One Inch Three ring binder with index dividers (Label the index divider tabs as follows!  (AR Reading: Tab divider, Writing: tab divider, Language MUG: Tab divider, Collections literature: Tab divider and  Vocabulary: Tab divider.)

  • Have fringeless, loose leaf notebook paper (three hole-punched) to place behind each divider.

  • Pencils and pens (black and blue ONLY only for English Assignments)

  • 3 x 5 post-it notes or 3 x 5 notecards one pack (preferably blank used for Vocabulary Skills)

  • Highlighter/fine sharpie markers

  • earbuds

EXPECTATIONS: I have 6 basic Expectations for our daily classroom.

1. Be Prepared

Required each day in class:

  • Binder: Reading, Writing, Language MUG, Writer's Notebook and Vocabulary assignments.

  • Novel to read (book being read for our AR reading)

  • Pens/Pencils/post-it notes

  • Notebook with fringeless edges – (one for English only)

  • Literature Book

  • Highlighter

  • Personal Smart Device (if you have one.)

  • earbuds

2. Respect one another, classroom materials, school property: Talk when no one else is talking, raise your hand when you would like to talk, respect the other  person and  his/her belongings. That includes my teacher belongings!

3. Be Positive: Comments need to be supportive rather than negative in our classroom.

4. Give 100% Effort: That means your personal best effort!

5. Use Appropriate Language: Use only clean language in our classroom and your assignments. If you are not sure if the language is appropriate or not, avoid it!

6. Pick up after yourself and keep your work area clean! Use Garbage cans and recycling appropriately!

Some other Expectations are....

Backpacks: If you choose to bring a backpack to my class it gets stowed in the back closet or designated floor space in the back of my classroom. Be sure all English materials are out on your desktop at the beginning of class by the bell.

Passes:  I will give out 4 passes for the semester to be used at your discretion during work time or the last 40 minutes of class. Please have your pass filled out completely and ready for me to sign during work periods in class.

Electronic Devices: Put your cell phone, Ipod, Mp3 player in your numbered pockets on the bulletin board, on off or silent,  or I will follow school policy.

Food: You have seven minutes passing time to snack or eat your grab n go breakfast. Once the bell rings all food needs to be put away or thrown away. You may have clear water in bottles, but keep it on the floor due to computers on your small desktops. Gum is allowed until it becomes a problem such as stuck on carpet, under desks or on digital equipment.

Tardies: I follow the school policy for tardies. You are tardy if you are not in your desk at the bell.Tardies 1-2 are a warning from me.  Tardies 3-4 are assigned detention with me after a parent contact. Tardy 5 is a referral to administration.


  • An assignment is due when I ask for it to be passed forward in class or it is due in Google Classroom.  For example, if I ask for an assignment to be turned in at the beginning of the hour, that is when it is due not at the end of the hour or later in the day.

  • Late work will receive 50%. (With the exception of Make-up work.) However, remember that 50% is better than no points! ALL Late work goes in the late work labelled basket on my desk.

  • All assignments must be completed neatly and labeled properly with the following information in the upper right hand corner of your regular or electronic assignment:name, hour, materials #, assignment title, and date. Notebook paper for all assignments needs to be fringeless before class begins and the assignment is collected. PLEASE avoid being counted late by labeling your work ABSENT ON _____(date of absence) and place it in the late work basket on my desk.


  • Athletics and Other Extracurricular Absences:  It is your responsibility to check with me before your absence to find out the assignment and to turn in any assignments or projects that may be due on the day of your absence.  Check with me before or after school rather than before class as there usually isn't time to visit then.  It is expected that you are on the same schedule of due dates as the other students.

  • If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, it is your responsibility to arrange a time either before or after school to take the test or quiz as well as during WIN time.

  • With absences you will have one more day than the number of days you missed. Label your work absent on _________the date you were absent.

Grading Scale Please Note: Grades are weighted by 30% Daily Work, 35% Tests and Quizzes, and 35% Writing/Projects.

94% and Above = A                     77.0-79.99    = C+        60.0-62.9      = D- 90.0-93.99         =A-                    73.0-76.99    = C           Under 60%    = F

87.0-89.99         =B+                   70.0-72.99    = C-

83.0-86.99         =B                     67.0-69.99    = D+

80.0-82.99         =B-                   63.0-66.99     = D        


I only post Skyward Grades occasionally as there is more digital access now. They will always be posted under your student identification number in the classroom. This will be the same information available on family access for you and your parents/guardians.  I will assume that you are checking your progress in this age of electronic communication for grades.  Please check with me if you have any questions.

And Remember...“Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush; it can color any situation.”

I look forward to having a great year with you!