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Welcome to my webpage!  The main purpose of this webpage is to inform you of daily assignments posted under each subject area in the tabs above, my daily schedule below, and how to contact me, also below.  The site is "under construction" , so please be patient as I continue to update it.

My Daily Schedule (Mon, Tues, and Fri):

1st period: 8:20-9:07    Int. Algebra 1

2nd period: 9:14-10:01  Int. Algebra 1

3rd period:

10:14-11:01 Prep Period

4th period:      

11:08-11:55 Int. Algebra 1

5th period: 12:02-1:22 Collaborative Prep

6th period: 1:29-2:16   Honors Geometry

7th period:     2:23-3:10   Honors Geometry

My Wed./Thurs. Block Schedule:

1st /2nd period:    8:20-9:47         Int Algebra 1

WIN Period:         9:56 - 10:41    What I Need


4th period      10:48 - 12:12   PrepInt. Algebra
5th period:           12:19 - 1:39     Collaborative Prep
6th/7th Period:    1:46 - 3:10        Honors Geometry

Contact Information:


phone: 218-454-5200 ext 5381
Please phone when class is not in session. See schedule at left.