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"Take Care of your Body; it’s the only Place you  have to live.”

Health 7

Course Syllabus

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,

Welcome to grade 7 health education!  The following information outlines the standards and units of instruction that will be addressed in health class over the next twelve weeks.  Please review the information and contact me with any questions or concerns. I appreciate your support in your child’s educational development.


1. Comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention.

2. Demonstrate the ability to access valid health information and health-promoting products & services.

3. Demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and reduce health risks.

4. Analyze the influence of culture, media, technology, and other factors on health.

5. Demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health.

6. Demonstrate the ability to use goal setting and decision-making skills to enhance health.

7. Demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community, health.

RESOURCES:  Decisions for Health Level Blue © 2007 by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Publishing

POSSIBLE VIDEO RESOURCES: Bill Nye, Teen Depression, Marijuana Myths Debunked, Shocking Medical Stories, One Teenagers Story (HIV/AIDS), Miracle of Life (fetal development section), Advertising, The Media, and Your Health, Do You Have An Eating Disorder? Struggling with Stress, Bullying 101, www.brainpop.com/health


  • Health and Wellness Preventing Abuse & Violence, Chpt. 13
  • Stress Management, Chpt. 3 Tobacco, Chpt.14
  • Managing Mental & Emotional Health, Chpt. 4 Alcohol, Chpt.15
  • Body Systems, Chpt. 5 Medicine & Illegal Drugs, Chpt.16
  •  The Stages of Life, Chpt.9 (includes pregnancy) Infectious Disease, Chpt.17 (STD/HIV)
  • Building Responsible Relationships, Chpt.11                    Noninfectious Disease, Chpt.18



Tracy Hopperstad

Grade 7 Health Instructor

Mrs. Hopperstad, 454-6151, Tracy.Hopperstad@isd181.org


Materials Always Needed:

*pen or a pencil/notebook and folder for health class.

Classroom Behavior:

*be respectful and cooperative with your classmates and teacher.

*keep your hands to yourself at all times.

*come to class prepared and ready to participate and always give your best effort.

*raise your hand if you have something appropriate to say or if you need help.

*when working with a partner, or independently, stay on task and work quietly.

Disrupting Class:

If you disrupt the class and interfere with the learning process of others you will be warned. If you do not change your behavior, your parents will be contacted and a plan will be agreed upon. If you continue to disrupt the class your parents will again be contacted and a meeting will be scheduled. This meeting will include your parents, yourself, your teacher and possibly the principal.

Personal Notes:

I will take all inappropriate personal notes and read them to your parent or guardian. The note will then be given to our school counselor.

Absence: When you’re absent it is your responsibility to see me before or after school for information missed; or you can check the health agenda posted under the clock in my room.

Hall Passes:

In most cases you must have your school agenda book to leave the room; however I do have passes for emergency use only. Your agenda book contains a limited number of hall passes for the year; so please use them wisely.

Late Work:

All assignments are expected to be turned in on time, or your assignment will lose one point for each day it is late. Students are able to make up assignments until the last day of the health rotation class. After the 12 week health rotation class has ended all late assignments will no longer be accepted; unless there is an absence is due to illness.

Test Retake

If you receive a D+ or below on a test you may retake it for a grade up to a C+, but the test needs to be retaken within one week of receiving your test back from your teacher. 


Your grade is determined by quizzes, assignments and your class behavior. You will be given 12 expectations and responsibility points at the beginning of this class; which will be deducted for poor behavior or for not following the expectations in this course syllabus information.

Grade break down: 90-100%=A 80-89%=B 70-79%=C 60-69%=D 59% and below=NC. You are responsible for keeping all assignments and quizzes that are handed back; in your health folder until the last day of the rotation. 

Extra Credit:

You may earn up to 5 points of extra credit by completing one side of the current health information form. To obtain this information you need to listen to a credible news source: WebMD, television news station, newspaper, or news websites (Example: www.CNN.com click on the health link) If this extra credit is not turned in by the last day of the health rotation it will not be accepted. 


Because we have a limited number of health books each student will be encouraged to check out a book on disk if they have a computer at home verses a hard cover version. If lost or damaged the book replacement fee is 50.00 dollars and the disk is 5.00 dollars if it is not returned at the end of the 12 week rotation. Students will have plenty of in class work time to complete assignments from the book, so they will only have homework if they don’t use their time wisely! 

Worth 10 Points

I have read the attached course syllabus which includes the National Health Standards, unit outcomes, class room expectations and responsibilities; therefore allowing my child to participate in the entire health class.

Student Signature_____________________________________________Date______________

Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________________ Date______________




Please let me know if you do not want your child learning about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Also, I would like to know if you don’t want your child seeing graphic pictures of the effects sexually transmitted diseases have on the human body. Please also let me know if your child faints from seeing or hearing the word blood; we will be having a diabetic student demonstrate a blood glucose meter by piercing their own skin to get a blood glucose reading for educational purposes. Thank you.


BY Tuesday, December 10th     

Thank you and Best Wishes!