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  Welcome to our third grade website!  When parents, children and teachers work together, amazing things can happen.  I promise that I will work very hard to help your children to have fun and productive days this year.  I hope many of you parents will volunteer, since third grade classrooms do not have assistants in the rooms.
I am also hoping that you will help your children with their homework.  It provides students with opportunities for one-on-one help.  I do not grade homework, since some children get help and others do not.  But I check it for quality and completion.  
  What can children do to help themselves?  They can learn to do their best even when the teacher or parent/guardian is not beside them.  They can accept that it is okay to have wrong answers, because they offer great learning opportunities. No one is allowed to laugh or make fun of incorrect responses. Most importantly, they need to have good attitudes and try! Team effort leads to great results.
 Important Reminders:
- Be sure to make sure there is money in your child's lunch account
-Please remember to send a note anytime your child's dismissal plans change.
-Pick up is always at the big parking lot by Baxter Park.  If you don't want to wait in line, park your car by school staff cars, and walk over to where the children are waiting to get your third grader.
-Dress kids appropriately for outdoor recess.
  Students who love technology or have to be gone from school can follow much of what we are doing by looking at the Brainerd Public Schools Elementary Resource Page.  Children have passwords (taped in their assignment books) to access the reading program components (LEAD 21).  Third graders can play games with their weekly vocabulary words.  Also, they can read what we have read at school in our theme readers and differentiated readers.
  If students want to know whether or not a book they have at home is an AR book and if it is in their appropriate level, just go into the Renaissance Learning website where you are able to type in the book title and get that information.
  At the time of this writing, our math program, Expressions, is not on the Elementary Resources page, but I think it will be.  If any passwords are needed, they will be under the front cover of the assignment/agenda book your child brings home and to school every day.
Contact me: You may contact me by calling 454-6427 or by emailing me at: