Meet Your Teacher

Wedding August 2013        Salmon Fishing on Lake Michigan

Found a snapping turtle! 

After graduating from Lake of the Woods High School and Winona State University, Ms. Heinrich joined Brainerd High School as a Science Teacher in August 2012.  Ms. Heinrich got married August 2013 and became Mrs. Anderson.

During the 2016/17 school year Mrs. Anderson will be teaching Physics.  Mrs. Anderson's favorite topic in science is rocks and minerals, be sure to check out her rock collection in her classroom!  She also accepts rock and sand donations from vacations.

Mrs. Anderson and her husband have two daughters, Elsie Rae (2 years) and  Sydney Marie (6 months).   

Before coming to Brainerd High School, Mrs. Anderson worked as a field biologist for the Minnesota Pollution Control agency.  Watch the video below to see the kind of work she did.  

MPCA Biological Monitoring