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Welcome!  Mrs. Lori LarsonForestview  Team 5B Reading and Language Arts

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.  ~James Bryce

Why did I start my website with a book quote? My classroom is full of books of all shapes and sizes and we talk and read books all of the time! Yahoo!

Here is my schedule:
1st and 2nd Hours  Reading/Language Arts Group 1
3rd Hour the students go to PE, Music, or Multi-Media
4th Hour Lunch and Recess/Study Hall/Top 20
5th and 6th Hours Reading/Language Arts Group 2
7th Hour Math/Social St  

Homework Requirements:
  • Reading/Spelling packet given on Mondays and due to Wednesdays.
  • Weekly Reading Minutes - students need to read at least 120 minutes from Monday to Monday. (More is better)
  • Spelling test on most Fridays
  • Read AR books and earn at least 6 points each month
  • I also check agendas on Wednesdays and like to see a parent signature at least once a week.
Since we have so many things going on during our double class period, I thought I would tell you a little bit about a week of a fifth graders life in my classroom.

Mondays:  We share, fill out reading minutes, we organize and practice weekly spelling and vocabulary lists. We have a Questions of the 
Week video clip and learn about our new story. We also go to the Library every Monday.

Tuesdays:  This is our day of many different tasks and we move through them at a rapid pace. We learn a grammar skill and rock to our Grammar Jammar. We learn about reading skills and read and write to practice this skill. We also try to read our textbook story.

Wednesdays and Thursdays:  Station Days!The students are in four different groups where the goal is to complete four rotations of different activities. They always have a Silent Reading group where they can read for their AR points. They have one station with me and we read booklets or practice reading skills. Then there are two stations consisting of a variety of practice activities.

Fridays:  We have our Spelling test first. We complete any skills, grammar, stories, and/or station tasks we didn't get to. We go over the work and practice the skills we struggled with.

Whew! That is our week "in a nutshell" and in spite of our best plans, there are interruptions and special things that come up and change our week. But it is certain that we are reading a lot!
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