Below, left, you will find my classroom syllabus and on the right you will find the most current homework assignments.  Please let me know if there is anything I can change/add to this website to make it better.

Intermediate Algebra

Brainerd High School South Campus - Room 106

Teacher: Mrs. Laura Oldham

Mathematics Department


Phone: 218-454-5336

(The best time to reach me is before 8 a.m. or after 3:20 p.m.)

Courses taught:

  • Intermediate Algebra (Pearson Education Series copyright 2015)

Required materials:

  • Textbook (accessed on classroom/home device/computer or in book form)

  • Graphing Calculator (TI 83/84)

  • Notebook or loose leaf paper (for homework and in-class assignments)

  • Folder (to store homework until it is collected)

  • Graph paper (optional, but recommended)

  • Pencils

  • Pen (for correcting)

  • Highlighter

Grading policy:

A weighted points system will be used to determine student grades.

  • Tests are 60% of a student’s overall grade

  • Written homework and class work will be 20% of overall grade

  • Quizzes are 20% of a student’s overall grade

  • There are no planned extra credit points

Note: I will be following the BHS grading policy regarding the grading scale and assigning of letter grades including plus and minuses as detailed in the student handbook.

Classroom Expectations  


You can expect homework almost every day.  To receive full credit you will need to complete all assigned problems with appropriate work shown. Homework will be collected and scored as a completion score on each assessment day or at my discretion.  Late work will be worth half credit and must be received no later than the day of the test on that unit.

Extra Help:

I am available for extra help whenever you need it.  It is important that you let me know right away if you need help with something and plan to come and see me.  I am available before school from 7:45 – 8:10, and after school from 3:15 – 3:45. Often times, students are surprised that after spending a short time one-on-one, the concept that seemed so overwhelming earlier was now doable!

(Note: I am required to attend some before and after school meetings, so please check with me to ensure availability.)


You will be allowed to retake one test per semester.  You must complete the retake beofre or after school.  You will be required to meet with me to go over the material before you are allowed to retake.  There are no retakes on quizzes.

Final Exam:

At the end of each semester we will be taking a comprehensive final exam.  The exam will cover the major topics of the semester. The exam will be weighted the same as a chapter test. If your grade prior to the Final Exam is between 50% and 60%, and  you receive 70% or above on the final, you will pass the class (this is also assuming there are no attendance issues according to district policy).  


Daily attendance is extremely important for the continuity of your learning and for your concept development.  You can make up assignments, but you can not replace the activities and discussions that took place while you were gone.

Make-up work:  

If your absence is excused, it is your responsibility to get makeup work from the homework board or your Pearson Realize account and complete it.  Assignments that were due the day you were absent are due the day you return.  You are also responsible to get notes from a classmate or myself when you are absent.  Also, if you are absent the day of a quiz or test, you need to make a plan with me to make it up as soon as possible.  If your absence is unexcused you will receive a “0” for that day’s work.


Class will begin at the listed time on your schedule.  If you are late you will be marked tardy.  I will follow district policy guidelines as outlined in the student handbook regarding tardies.

Behavior Expectations:  

It is the right of every student to learn mathematics in an environment that is comfortable and free from unnecessary distractions.  Please be respectful of other students.  If you are distracting the class or showing disrespect to another student or myself, you will be removed from class, and we will have to decide on a course of action to correct your behavior.  Those actions may include conferencing before or after school, contacting a parent or guardian, or a referral to an administrator or counselor.

Electronic Devices:

Electronic devices are only to be used for academic purposes.  If they are a distraction, I will first ask you to put them away and if that does not solve the problem, they will be taken away.  You will need a parent or guardian to get it back from one of your administrators.


Anyone caught cheating will be given a grade of "0" as a score for that assignment and parents will be notified.  Copying is cheating.  If you are working with a team you must use your own words/work.  

Friday, 5/27

A review packet was handed out in class today. We will be going over it on Tuesday and Wednesday, so please get started this weekend.