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Hello!  My name is Jill Pecarich, I am a teacher at the Brainerd Learning Center.  My different roles are ECFE child teacher, Early Childhood Screening, Wiggle-a-While Open Play.  Below is my schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.

Time with Your Three Year Old            Mondays            9:00-11:00                 Classroom 2
Time with Your Two Year Old               Tuesdays           8:30-10:00                 Classroom 1
                                                              Tuesdays         10:30-12:00                 Classroom 1
Early Childhood Screening                    Wednesdays     12:00-4:00
                                                              Thursdays          8:30-10:00                 Classroom 1
                                                              Thursdays        10:30-12:00                 Classroom 1
                                                              Thursdays            5:45-7:15                 Classroom 1
Wiggle-a-While Open Play                    Fridays               9:30-11:30


Costume Fun With ECFE!



Jill Pecarich
ECFE Teacher

Brainerd Learning Center
311 10th Ave. NE
Brainerd, MN 65401
Classroom #1 (218)454-5441

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