AEC Math Classes use the online curriculum by OdysseyWare .  OdysseyWare is...
OdysseyWare Math Classes:

  • OW Lessons

    • 80% = Passing

    • 3 attempts

    • After third attempt, if score is  below 80, you must correctly do each incorrect problem (show your work! or identify where you found the answer) in your notebook and go over them with Jami before moving to next lesson.

  • OW Quizzes

    • Up to 2 chances on OW Quizzes.

    • After the first attempt, if your score is unacceptable, Jami may give you some practice questions to do before your re-take.

    • After the second chance, the score you get is the score you keep.

  • OW Tests

    • Only 1 chance on OW Tests.

    • If the score is worse than Pre-Test (Alternate Test) score, or if your test score results in a failing grade for the Unit, it may be necessary to go back and redo the Unit.

  • Students’ goal progress should be to complete approximately 6% per week to finish the class within 18 weeks.  -OR-  As indicated on OW Course Goal Sheet.

OdysseyWare Online Math @ Home Guidelines:

  • Jami’s students are welcome to work on their OW math class online at home.  This is IN ADDITION to their regular AEC schedule.  Calling in to say he/she will be working at home instead of coming to class is unacceptable and still counts as an absence.  Any absences may result in the loss of that class.

  • Assignments may be completed at home, but quizzes and tests must be completed during Jami’s class at the AEC.

  • To receive credit for assignments completed outside of school, an OW message must be sent to Jami stating which assignment(s) has/have been completed and when.

  • Students working on OW during non-school hours should understand messages will not be received until the following school day morning and a response will be sent when possible.  (In other words, please do not expect immediate responses.)

AEC Hours:                        
Monday            8:00a-5:00p
Tuesday           9:00a-6:00p
Wednesday     8:00a-4:00p
Thursday          8:00a-4:00p
 Friday              9:00a-1:00p

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