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Jackie Janousek's Classroom

Hello, my name is Jackie Janousek and I have been 
teaching at MLAP from its very start in 1995. 
 Alternative Education is my passion and I never feel that coming to work is my job!  The students and parents I have meant along the way make teaching worthwhile.

MLAP is located in the District 181 Learning Center.
We service students in grades 5-8 who struggle in the mainstream setting.  MLAP is a self motivated, goal orientated program with a sole purpose of preparing students to have future success in the mainstream setting.

MLAP students spend the typical school year working individually at own pace or in a small group setting. Developing reading, math and study skills to be successful in a mainstream setting.  

MLAP's summer program gives students an opportunity to build a resume through volunteer opportunities while working on life skills such as finances, nutrition and cooking.  

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Subject Areas I Teach:

Language Arts

Social Studies