Help Desk FAQ's

District Media has put together this page to try and answer some of the common questions and issues users have in our district. 

If your topic is not covered in one of the links on the right please submit a ticket to our help desk.



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     Pearson Testing Status  (Check the status of Pearson Testing sites)
     How to change your password?  (How to change your PC password .  Also Changes your Gmail password)
     Apple TV  (Use and configuration)
      Chrome Books
     Phone issues  (Phone not powering on, blank display.)

          - Google Apps Status  (Link to check the status of Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc.)
          - How to block certain emails  (Blocking spam and unwanted emails)
          - How to filter emails to folders  (Auto sorting your inbox)
          - Displaying your calendar on your Gmail page  (Allows you to view your calendar in Gmail)
            - Undo "Send"  (Allows you to recall sent emails if used within 30 seconds of sending)
            - Log out of Gmail sessions remotely (Use this if you leave your Gmail open on another PC)
      Syncing Gmail with my mobile device:
          - First enable iMap in Gmail  (This must be done to allow syncing of emails)

          - Managing Pop-ups in Chrome  (How to block pop-ups from unwanted sites, or allow pop-ups.)
                 - Using Microsoft Office file editor.
          - Turn Off the Lights  (Only displays selected videos when viewing content on Youtube)
           - Adblock Pro (Helps block advertising on webpages such as: Youtube, Google, and news sites)