This is the main page to find out basic information about my classes... Above, there are tabs with drop down menus for each of my classes.  

Monday - Thursday Schedule

            1st period 8:20-9:17

            2nd period 9:24-10:21

            3rd period 10:28-11:25

            4th period A Lunch 11:32-11:57

                A Class  12:01-12:58

                B Lunch 12:33-12:58  

                B Class 11:32-12:29

            5th period 1:05-2:04

            6th period 2:11-3:10

Contact Information:

Phone:  218.454.5357
Feel free to contact me at any time.  My prep hour is between 11:40 am and 1:00 pm.

Friday Schedule

                1st period 8:20-9:13

                2nd period         9:20-10:13

                CnC 10:20-10:47

                3rd period 10:54 -11:47

                4th period A Lunch 11:54-12:14

                A Class   12:18-1:10

                                        B Class 11:54-12:46

                B Lunch 12:50-1:10

                5th period 1:17:-2:10
                6th period 2:17-3:10

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