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To register your child for a bus, please call 218-454-6900

Bus Cards will be mailed the week of August 15th, 2016 to each child that is registered to ride a bus. 

Please review the card, and if changes need to be made contact us at 

All students riding bus to and/or from school need to carry a bus pass. 

Frequently asked questions:

  Q. If we have moved, who do I contact to make        the address change and get a new bus pass?
  A. Contact the Washington Education Building          Welcome Center at 218-454-6900.
  Q. If we have a daycare change, who do I                contact to make that change and get a new          bus card. 
  A. Contact the Washington Education Building          Transportation office in the Welcome Center          at  218-454-6900.
  Q. What if we haven't been riding, and need to        make a change, who do we call to set up               transportation and get a bus pass? 
  A.  Contact the Washington Education Building         Transportation in the Welcome Center at 

  Q. My child lost their bus card, how do we get        a new one? 
  A. The building secretary were they attend can          issue them a replacement card.

  Q. Who is the District Bus contractor
  A.  Reichert Bus Service, and you can contact           them at 218-829-6955 ext. 0