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Alternative Education Center Student Art Classes
AEC Students are generally High School students in need of credits to reach graduation standards. AEC Art classes offer an opportunity for students to obtain High School Electives credits through an Independent Study model.  Students create project rough drafts for staff approval in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital media/choice.  Student grading and credit attainment is acheived through project grades and attendance.
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Middle Level Alternative Program Student Art classes
MLAP students attending our program are from grades 5-8.  These middle school aged students may attend our program due to a variety of personal and/or academic reasons in which the mainstream environment was no longer a positive experience.  MLAP students have a standard school day with hours from 8:10 to 2:50.  Students receive Art class everyday throughout the year.  Student projects are driven and created by student and teacher input which result in projects from all mediums, such as  drawing, painting, sculpture, digital media, school play set and prop production, team taught lessons, and volunteer projects within and for the community.
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