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4th Grade Web Links


Online Interactive Games



Speed Test - practice as fast as you can by fact

Math Trainer - practice by fact, timed with feedback

Multi-flyer - great game with missions and levels

Times Trainer - once a day!

The Product Game

Lots of different Java games

Fun4theBrain multiplication games

Basketball Shootout - practice multiplication or division

Mr. Nussbaum skill and drill

Fun! Division and Multiplication!

Great American Multiplication Challenge - make us proud!

Division Practice

Lots of games on multiplication.com

Basketball shootout

Drag Race - play against other people!

Ordering negative numbers

Adding and subtracting negative numbers

Fractions and Decimals

Shoot the fractions addition

Shoot the fractions subtraction

MathMan (PacMan) number line fractions

Animal Rescue - number line fraction game

Advanced Animal Rescue - number lines with fractions and decimals

Comparing fractions quiz


Fraction Models (best for learning - try here first)

Fraction tug of war, play against others!

Great Fraction Understanding Tool

**Fraction to decimal mission - this is great fun! convert fractions to decimals to complete the mission!

** Fraction to decimal fruit shoot


Angles mission

Alien angles

Playground angles


Printable Math Worksheets

Fact tests and timed practice here and here

Geometry and shape games

Volume game 

Practice finding volume

Examples of polyhedra

Find faces, edges, and vertices

Looking at shapes from different angles game

3D shapes challenge


Polygon riddle game - from the clues and scrambled words, pick the polygon

Polygon sort - Can you decide which shapes are polygons quickly?

Interactive polygons- change the number of sides, make it concave - fun to explore!

Polygon Sort

Is it a polygon?

Memory with polygon names


Shapes in Motion - Start here if you're unsure about rotations, reflections, and translations

Shape Mods - more difficult - challenge your brain!

Reflect and Rotate game


Tessellation Builder

Tessellation creator - 'nuff said

M.C. Escher

Bruce Bilney

Practice with Negative Numbers

Game 1

Line Jumper

Space Coupe


Site One

Site Two

Site Three

Practice your 50 state knowledge!


Many Different State and Capital games, with different levels of difficulty, from "beginner" to "cartographer!"


Scored state identification - What's your best score?

Scored Capital Recognition

Scored and Timed Capital Recognition


Point and click state recognition. Timed and scored!

Name the states!

Name the states!

Name the Capitals

Click the states - timed and scored - High score  = Sophia D. 181240

Link to "Stack the States" app on iTunes

Videos and memory tools

Wakko's 50 State Capitals Song High Quality

Wakko's State Capital Song with lyrics! Sing along!

State capital song

Other Geography Practice


Canadian Provinces - timed and scored.

Wakko's World Countries

Wakko's Presidents


Water cycle
Water cycle with quiz - Study Jams
Water cycle interactive - Blue Traveler


Link to Paper Airplane designs used in class with video directions 

A link to different designs.

  • Choose an idiom from the lists below you like and think you could illustrate (not one you did last year).

  • Research the meaning and origin of your idiom. Links are provided for you below.

  • Create a poster depicting the literal meaning of your idiom;

    • include a box clearly stating your idiom;

    • include a box clearly stating your idiom's origin;

      • If you find more than one possible origin, chose the one you like the most.

Idiom Origin Links: