Second Grade Rocks!

We Are Readers

Your child will now be getting books in their Kiwi packs (book bag)that we have chosen for them. They may have choice books in there as well. Your child should be reading each night. If they have a new book(s) in their KIWI Pac, they should read that/those books first. They may also read books from home. Thanks so much for listening to your growing readers and discussing the books with them.

We Are Spellers
Please look for your child's new spelling list each Monday in your child's Drag-It folder. We may not do spelling on short weeks. The first words will be from their high frequency list. There may also be words from our phonics program. Please study this list each night for a few minutes(read and write). Practice makes permanent. We want these words put into their long term memory.

We Are Library Lovers
Mrs. Dick/Mrs. Leonard - Wednesday
Mrs. Bender - Wednesday
Mrs. Wyman - Monday
Mrs. Wallace/Mrs. Hermanson - Wednesday

We Are Mathematicians

Parent letters will come home periodically. It’s a handy resource to keep during each unit. It gives a nice overview of the unit, specific vocabulary that you child should be using, activities and games to play that help practice the unit’s skills, and the answers to their homework. Thank you for helping your child check their homework before they return it to school. Continue to work on math facts to 18 throughout the whole year.

We Strive For Our Best
In Second Grade we have the opportunity to collect data on specific skills and identify students who could use a little extra support in reading, writing, and math. If your student comes home and tells you they have been working in a small group with another teacher, please know that they are getting individual support in their area of need and encourage them to talk about what they are working on.

We Are Scientists
We have four main science units in second grade.  In the fall we learn about Air & Weather.  During the winter we study Solids & Liquids.  Our spring unit of study is called New Plants. We also have a short unit called Balance & Motion that we do at various times during the year.