Ms. Jelinski


My name is Ms. Jelinski and I am a sixth grade math teacher at Forestview Middle School. I had the privledge of starting at Forestview at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. I am originally from Little Falls, MN. I went to Minnesota State University Moorhead where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics Education grades 5-12. 

Before getting hired with the Brainerd School District, I taught 6th grade for one year at 
Worthington Middle School in Worthington, MN.

Some of my hobbies include: playing volleyball, fishing, Sudoku puzzles, running, and anything outdoors! :)


Students should copy assignments in their agendas as well as the lesson being covered each day. 

Math assignments are usually due two days after the assigned date by 3:00. If your child has a question, he/she may use the "view an example" resource on the Pearson Digits website, see me before or after school, or during 7th hour (Power Hour), or e-mail the question to me. I will respond as soon as possible. 

Students will lose 5 percentage points per week if an assignment is late.

**If your child scores below 70% on their homework assignments they have the opportunity to redo it for full credit**


Students will be given the option to take a paper version of tests OR one on the computer. 

Redo Tests:

If your child scores below 70% on their Topic exams they will be given the opportunity to earn percentage points back by doing a different version of the test. Students will be given 4 days to complete these. A note will be attached to the front of the test asking for a Parent/Guardian signature which verifies that the child worked on this at home and used their notes, Student Companion Book, and a calculator, if needed. 

Topic 13 Area
    13-1 Rectangles and Squares
            area = base x height
    13-2 Right Triangles
            area = (base x height ) / 2
    13-3 Parallelograms
            area = base x height
    13-4 Other Triangles
    13-5 Polygons (Composite Figures)

Topic 14 Surface Area and Volume
    14-1 3D Figures
    14-2 Nets
    14-3 ~Surface Area of                                 Rectangular Prism                         S.A.=2lw+2lh+2wh
~Surface Area of Triangular Prism
S.A.=2(bh)/2 + side 1 + side 2 + side 3
    14-4 Surface Area of Pyramids
    14-5 Volume of Rectangular Prisms