Hello Sixth Graders!

Welcome to Chaska Middle School West!  As a sixth grader, you have the opportunity to attend an educational experience of a lifetime at Deep Portage Conservation Reserve in Hackensack, Minnesota!  Some of the exciting activities you can do there include the following:  archery, bog hiking, orienteering, pioneer Olympics, survival, team activities, night stalkers, wolf howling, campfire, and a climbing wall.  For more information, check out the Deep Portage information page on the CMSW Website

This trip is an overnight nature and camping experience with the following goals:

  • Develop personal appreciation, sensitivity, and stewardship for the environment
  • Use problem-solving skills in individual and group situations
  • Try new activities, build self-esteem, and build new friendships with classmates

Deep Portage Trip Dates

Crystal Comets:  Nov 13-15

Metallic Meteors:  Nov 15-17



The total student cost for the Deep Portage trip is $120.00 (less any fundraising).

The cost for chaperones is $80.

 The final payment is due October 16th