Welcome to the Thunderbird "Hotspot"

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1. Location where students can come to access resources and support 

The "Thunderbird Hotspot" provides a student-centered learning/support space which is monitored by Ms. Breen and Mrs. Geissler. This space offers learning support in any subject with no limits! Both teacher or student can fill out a Hotspot Pass identifying what the student/s will be working on and whether or not teacher support is needed. Note:  Because this is used as classroom support, students must get the approval of their teacher before filling out a pass.  There are 20-minute time slots available all hours including lunch and block days.

'Why would I ever need to send my student?"
  • Coaching 
  • Conferencing
  • Independent Study Classes
  • Phy Ed - medically excused participation
  • Group Project workspace
  • Individual work time (catch up/extends/retakes/redo's)
  • Group discussion workspace/guidance
  • Assistance in creative assessment choices 
  • The sky's the limit for ways to use the Thunderbird Hotspot...
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