What will training look like?

Baseline skills for using the Chromebooks and Technology Integration in the Classroom.

The hope is that we can have all Wave 1(Grade 3, 6, 9) staff through the baseline skills training in order to be ready for the Technology Integration training that begins on June 10th. This will happen in one of three ways.

    1. Through building level PD embedded in the work day.

    2. Introductory and integration sessions through the Summer Academy. (June 9-11th and 16th & 17th and August 12th, 19th and 20th)

  1. A staff member can work through the skills training on their own in preparation for the Technology Integration training.

  2. Before/After/During/Virtual school Tech Tidbits (short focused sessions)

We will have you join a Google Classroom in which you will open your own personal checklist that will guide you through Google/Chromebook learning topics. The checklist is solely meant for you to gain access to training materials and keep track of your progress. The expectation is that you will continually make progress on the checklist.

How do I start?

Attend one the offerings available in your building and/or other places in the building and/or work through this on your own.

Either way this is how you get started.

Go to http://classroom.google.com

Log in to your account (example nelsonch@isd112.org). Make sure you are using the @isd112.org to log in and not your @district112.org

    1. Make sure that you choose to Join as a Teacher (Scroll down)

    1. Next in the top left hand corner there will be a + symbol. It will offer you a choice between joining a class and creating a class. At this point choose "Join a class" and enter the correct code for your building below.

    2. Bluff Creek Elementary - k4odnq

    3. Chanhassen Elementary - ysvgfjd

    4. Chanhassen High School - s1fxmq

    5. Chaska Elementary - ve9pff

    6. Chaska High School - cdoner

    7. Chaska Middle School East - jvkgrm

    8. Chaska Middle School West - 31k1tiw

    9. Clerical Staff - 2r3u9u

    10. Clover Ridge Elementary - orfdids

    11. DEC - 5skra4

    12. East Union Elementary - iityt1

    13. Integrated Arts Academy - 7n7s2l

    14. Jonathan Elementary - kfpguwh

    15. Kindergarten Center - 7dr1a0

    16. La Academia - blaejl

    17. Pioneer Ridge Middle School - ncv59yh

    18. STAR - e2u4mw

    19. Victoria Elementary - q4eyka

    20. Next. Check out this video to tell you more.

Sample of the Checklist

Chromebook/Google Training Checklist