Ms. Guyton's Notes...


Our brightest students are passionate about learning.  They have questions about everything from archaeology to zoology.  Often students yearn to take their learning beyond what class time or resources allow.  Sometimes a group is ready for additional challenges. It is also important for these learners to be with others who share their interests and understand the challenges of being gifted. For these unique learners there are opportunities for small group learning experiences.  These may vary from year to year depending on the interests of the students and Ms. Guyton. Past topics have included the stock market, ancient Egypt, the California gold rush, beginning chemistry and inventions.  Aspiring 5th grade authors may also be chosen to attend the Metro Young Authors' Conference.


So, if you have a six-year old who is passionate about studying medicine, a fourth grader fascinated by classic literature or a child who seems to be walking in the footsteps of Jane Goodall or Albert Einstein, we would love to welcome them to Eastern Carver County schools and help them find a place to be themselves.

Class News

Gaye Guyton
Gifted Services Teacher