Welcome to 4th grade!!!


First day of 3rd grade- 2016-17                     Field day fun!!
First day of 4th grade!!  2017-2018

Contact information:  kallmank@district112.org


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Morning meeting

·        Daily meeting
·        Topics include: team building, character education, problem solving, sharing

WIN time

“What I Need”

·        Choice activities to complete or enhance learning

·        Writing, grammar, conferencing



·        Meant to enhance learning, not replace face to face communication and instruction

·        An additional resource, not intended to add screen time


Please be sure to send only healthy, peanut free snacks

·        Snack cart sign up on CRE homepage

·        Snack time provided daily

 Home folders, monthly calendar and online planner

·       provided by Mrs. Kallman

·        Students are expected to write in their planners- parents will sign the calendar (in home folder) to show that they've been shown their student's online planner

·        We will have time each day set aside to write information

·        HOME FOLDERS= a spot to keep your important info and transport it home



Options for student organization:

·        Trapper keeper

·        Accordion folder

·        Binder




Follow class updates on twitter!