Mr. T's Classes

Welcome to Pre-Algebra! 


Your child will be participating in Big Ideas Pre-Algebra. This curriculum is designed to help all students develop their mathematical ability and understanding. The materials stress not only key mathematical skills, but also the importance of problem solving, and reasoning. 

Daily work will be posted on the class calendar. You should expect to see homework almost nightly. Often, students will have in class work time where it is possible to complete an assignment.

Materials Needed Daily:


Chrome Book

Math Notebook




If students ever have questions or need help they are welcome to come in early or stay after school for additional help.


Contact Info:



Voicemail: 952.556.7772


Feel free to contact me at any time!

Welcome to Com Arts!

Welcome to Mr. Tornquist’s 6th Grade Communications! In Communications, we will be focusing on four areas of study throughout the year to support students’ growth. These areas are literacy, technology, expressions, and media literacy. While going through various units in these areas of study, students will work on collaboration skills, problem-solving, writing, researching, and much more. We hope to keep students engaged through as much active learning as possible. 

Feel free to contact me at any time throughout the year.



Voicemail: 952-556-7772