Hello 6th grade Students and Parents/Guardians,

 Welcome to Pioneer Ridge Middle School!  In sixth grade, students attend the educational experience of a lifetime: Deep Portage Conservation Reserve in Hackensack, Minnesota!  A few of the fabulous activities they will take part in are: a 30 ft. climbing wall, Orienteering, Survival, Teaming activities, and educational night time fun. For three days and two nights, the classroom is the great outdoors, and the teachers are the knowledgeable, and caring staff at Deep Portage. Students will have tons of fun, make new friends, and create a memory they will have for a lifetime. For more information, check out the Deep Portage website at: 


This trip is an overnight nature and environmental experience with the following goals:

  • Develop personal appreciation, sensitivity, and stewardship for the environment
  • Use problem-solving skills in individual and group situations
  • Try new activities, build self-esteem, and build new friendships with classmates

The total cost for the Deep Portage trip is $130.00

(less any fundraising)

Full Payment is due October 25th.


Frontiers: Nov. 12 - 14       Highlanders: Nov. 14 - 16


Adult chaperones are needed for this trip: 

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, siblings, friends of the family

We need both male and female chaperones. We LITERALLY cannot go on this trip without you.

Click on the "Chaperone" tab to learn how to become a chaperone.