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Civics is the study of citizenship through government and economics. This is a very exciting class because everything we study directly relates to you and your life! You will learn about what it means to be an active citizen of the United States and how that compares to citizenship in other countries. You will also learn how our government is set up, what our nation's core values are, and what that all means to you- as a citizen of this country. You will also learn about how our economic system functions, and how that affects you on a day-to-day basis. Everything you need to be successful in this class is right here on this site! Check it out!


I'm a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth and this year will be my first full year of teaching at East. I was able to have my student teaching experience at Middle School West, so I have had some experience working in the district. I'm very excited for this school year and really looking forward to connecting with your seventh graders. I currently live in Lakeville and really enjoy my time outside and spent with my family. Please feel free to contact me with anything, I'm excited to be connected in the Chaska Community within East and outside of East.
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