Monthly Meetings

(ISC)² KC Chapter Meetings

  • When: The first Wednesday of every month
  • Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Where: Black & Veatch Ruisch, Auditorium
  • Address: 11401 Lamar Ave., Overland Park, KS 66211 map
  • Format: Roundtable, interactive discussion with security professionals from many different industries, tech companies and organizations, from upper management to operators who have many diverse experiences. We invite knowledgeable and expert members and guests to facilitate and keep the discussion moving along and on-task.

Past Topics:

  • 6/6/18 - The Shifting Sands of Data Security and Privacy Regulation - GDPR & Beyond
  • 5/2/18 - Advanced SOCs and MSSPs and MDRs, Oh My!
  • 4/4/18 - Security with an "Assumed Breach" mentality - How traditional defenses fail your organization, Ryan Preston, Security Assessments Team Lead at Depth Security
  • 3/4/18 - Securing the Internet of Things – Challenges and Realities
  • 2/7/18 - Scoping and Addressing Vulnerabilities – Lessons learned from Spectre and Meltdown
  • 1/3/18 - Phishing/SMiShing/Vishing/Spam
  • 12/6/17 - Workplace Violence-Active Shooter Response
  • 11/1/17 - Today's Cyber Criminal
  • 10/4/17 - Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) and the Integration with Identity and Access Management IAM Programs
  • 9/6/17 - SSL Decryption and Inspection
  • 8/2/17 - Email Protection, DKIM, DMARK
  • 7/5/17 - Beg, Borrow, and Man-in-the-Middie (Steal) Security Talent
  • 6/7/17 - Incident Response & Incident Management
  • 5/3/17 - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • 4/5/17 - Stuxnet and Cyber Weaponry
  • 3/1/17 - FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Darren Holtz
  • 2/1/17 - Email Security
  • 1/4/17 - Web Application Firewalls
  • 12/7/16 - IoT - The Internet of Things
  • 11/2/16 - Information Sharing, Alan Fairless co-founder & CEO at SpiderOak
  • 10/5/16 - WAFs, Jared Jennings with Novacoast
  • x

  • 8/3/16 - Cloud Security (including cloud access security brokers-CASB) | Facilitator: Gil Friedirch W/Avanan | Sponsor: Andy Duewel & Rich Fortman with SecureAuth
  • 7/6/16 - Mobile Security | John Britton with VMware
  • 6/1/16 - Social Engineering | Aaron Crawford w/Coalfire Labs & runs Squirrels In A Barrel
  • 5/4/16 - What Apple and the FBI Can Teach Us About Compliance | Joe Sturonas w/PKWARE
  • 4/6/16 - Top ten list for what keeps the CISO up at night | Scott Ferguson w/Service Now

Next Month's (ISC)² KC Chapter Meetings

Please register for the next (ISC)² Kansas City Chapter Meeting and plan to attend the first Wednesday of the month-October 4h!  Registering will help us plan accordingly for meeting space, chairs and refreshments.

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Next Chapter Meeting - June 6th 2018

Topic: The Shifting Sands of Data Security and Privacy Regulation – GDPR and Beyond.
Sponsor (food & drink):  RSA
FacilitatorTedrick Housh of Lathrop Gage

More Info:

Tedrick Housh of Lathrop Gage will update us on the latest legal developments in information security, the effects of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and other good things to know.  He will suggest practical ways to mitigate the risk of data-related legal liabilities, and answer your questions.
Tedrick Housh leads the Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice at Lathrop Gage.  He helps businesses with issues related to data collection, storage, protection, use, transfer and disclosure.  He serves as a client resource in managing security incidents, and resolving the ensuing disputes and liabilities.  He works with clients to implement, assess and improve Information Security Policies, Incident Response Plans and other aspects of privacy and security programs.  Mr. Housh works with companies to navigate issues concerning data subject consent, data vendor and transfer agreements, and terms of use and privacy statements for websites and apps.  He has been active in the firm’s work involving Blockchain and other emerging tech platforms, and has worked on ICO projects and token sales.  With more than two decades of experience in workplace law, he also counsels on employment-related matters and litigat

Come prepared with your experiences, questions, and your security concerns that you wish to bring before a host of like-minded security professionals.


Last Month's Chapter Meeting

May 2018

Meeting Details:

  • Topic: Advanced SOCs and MSSPs and MDRs, Oh My!
  • Sponsor (food & drink):  SHI 
  • FacilitatorShane Harsch, Senior Solutions Principal at RSA and SANS Mentor

More Info:

  • TOPIC:  Let’s talk meat and potatoes about advancing your SOC with threat hunting, threat intelligence, incident management, and live response. We will also look at how MSSPs and MDRs can make you successful (or not), and how to think about what kind of strategy you might need in today’s hyperkinetic, dark web-laden, threat-actor-suffused, buzzword-embattled, cyber defense hot mess initiatives
    This conversation is intended to:
    • Outline the principles of an effective threat detection and prevention program that organizations must operationalize in the new security paradigm.
    • Examine security automation and the continued role of manual analysis.
    • Recommend steps to assemble security operations and mature incident response capabilities, which are prerequisites for dedicated hunting capabilities.
    • Define threat intelligence in a way that is meaningful to your organization to better enable you to filter which companies and products are effective.
    • Outline how to be more proactive instead of reactive.  How do you identify what’s normal and abnormal within your environment?  Do you have the skills to identify anomalies and unusual activities? 
    • This will be an open discussion forum and attendees are encouraged to participate throughout the presentation.
  • FACILITATOR:   Shane Harsch is an Information Security professional with over 25 years of experience ranging from military to manufacturing to security consulting and professional services. He has managed and architected SOCs for the military and managed service providers and is a commissioned officer in the US Army, Military Intelligence.  Shane holds degrees in business (MBA) and computational linguistics (BA), and maintains the following certifications: Intrusion Analyst (GCIA), Incident Handling (GCIH), Enterprise Defense (GCED), and Information Security (CISSP).  In addition to his responsibilities as a Senior Solutions Principal at RSA, Shane fosters new professionals to information security as a SANS Mentor.  LinkedIn Profile: