Volunteer Q&A online - Nov 2021

We will hold four informal online Q&A sessions for anyone considering volunteering for a position on the (ISC)² Silicon Valley Chapter 2022 Board of Directors or other volunteer roles. These will be held daily at 7-7:30pm from Friday, November 5 to Monday November 8.

Zoom registration: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEtdOGrrzIiHdzJwNEPnsv81KwYoaqK8B3T

Attendees must provide a verifiable (ISC)² certification number via the registration form, or otherwise obtain permission via email from president@isc2-siliconvalley-chapter.org if not yet certified.

The sessions are scheduled at 7pm each day for 30 minutes. They can go overtime if needed to answer questions and discuss volunteer roles. One registration is good for attending any or all of the sessions.

Writing a Volunteer Handbook

In addition to answering questions, any idle time at the sessions may be used to discuss and work on a Volunteer Handbook document which is currently a work in progress intended for completion by the December meeting to assist the new board.

The purpose of the Volunteer Handbook is two-fold. First, it describes the volunteer roles. Much of that is already on the chapter web site.

Secondly, it will add Volunteer Code of Conduct and Netiquette sections to help set common expectations how we should work together. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020-2021 has had some rough spots for many groups who had to suddenly transition from in-person to online meetings, not just our organization. Not to pick on any individuals, a recurring problem has been mismatched expectations among fellow volunteers, which led to some unnecessary and avoidable friction. These issues of co-existing via electronic communications are not new. So a lot of "best practices" for dealing with this were already available online. This is intended to smooth out and improve the experience of working together in a volunteer organization and via electronic communications. As with volunteer organizations just about anywhere, the idea is to take what has been learned in the past 2 years and adjust to keep our path forward a sustainable and enjoyable effort for everyone, as best we can.