ISC² Silicon Valley Chapter meetings are held on 2nd Tuesdays each month at 6pm

Virtual meetings continue for now

Since May 2020, (ISC)² Silicon Valley Chapter meetings are being held online until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to meet on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month.

We've always said the interruption to the chapter's in-person meetings is temporary. Resumption of in-person meetings was expected soon after California's June 2021 re-opening.. It will also depend on availability of a meeting venue. The surge of the Delta Variant is currently a reason not to resume in-person meetings yet. There are no changes to announce.

Please be a part of the solution to the pandemic by getting your COVID-19 vaccination if you haven't already, now that they are widely available. Whenever in-person meetings resume, we may have to require anyone who is not yet vaccinated continue to attend remotely.

With what we all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, please take caution to stay home if you have flu symptoms, or if any member of your household does.

Round table discussion at end of online meeting

Since July 2020 we've added a round table discussion to the agenda at the end of the meeting. It has helped bring back some of the sense of meeting people that is hard to do online.

Self-introductions are encouraged but not required. Any current cybersecurity topics are good to bring up. Also relevant are who's looking for work and who has job openings. Since we have been in a global pandemic for over a year and a half, it's also fair to simply ask how everyone is doing.

CPEs submitted for you if you pre-register

If you pre-register with your (ISC)² member number, the CPEs (Continuing Professional Education points) for this meeting will be submitted for you by (ISC)² Silicon Valley Chapter. Please allow 4 weeks for the CPEs to show up since that's done by volunteers.

General advice for our online meetings:

    • Please double-check you've entered your (ISC)² member number correctly in the meeting registration.

    • Though the plan is the chapter will submit the CPEs for you, it doesn't hurt to make some preparations in case you need to self-submit.

    • As of April 2021, we are able to process Zoom webinar attendance data down to the minute. We will submit 1 CPE per hour of attendance rounded down to the nearest 0.25 hour increment. In order to get the full 2 CPEs for the meeting, attendees must attend from the the scheduled beginning of the meeting to the end of the meeting. If the meeting ends before the scheduled 2 hours, that is still acceptable as full attendance.

    • If for any reason the CPEs don't show up, self-submission of your CPEs to (ISC)² can be done at

    • Grab a screenshot during the meeting to include as proof of your attendance, as a precaution in case you need to self-submit. You can attach the image to the CPE submission.

    • You can claim up to 2 Group A CPEs for this meeting, if you attend from beginning to end. Otherwise pro-rate the time as 1 CPE per hour attended rounded down to the nearest 0.25 hour increment.

    • See the CPE Handbook for the full rules. Be honest about how much time you attended. (ISC)² does audits on CPE submissions.

Make sure to meet your CPE requirements well before your certification renewal time. (ISC)² has additional online CPE opportunities, some of which are automatically submitted on your behalf. Other options require self-submission. See .

Visitors welcome

Visitors with an interest in certification from (ISC)² or similar cybersecurity organizations are welcome at our meetings. When pre-registering for our meeting, if you don't have an (ISC)² certification, fill in that field of the registration form one of these ways:

  1. In particular, this is intended to help prospective future (ISC)² members to meet the community while studying for their exams. In this case, we understand you don't yet have an (ISC)² member number. Please state which exam you're studying for like "studying for xxx" and substitute the exam you're studying for (such as CISSP, CSSLP, etc) in place of "xxx".

  2. We also welcome attendees who have cybersecurity-related certifications from other organizations, since that courtesy is usually offered mutually by local chapters to our members. However, you're on your own to determine if and how much of the content of our meeting qualifies for continuing education credits for your certification and to submit those points for yourself. When pre-registering for our meetings, in the (ISC)² certification field enter the name of the issuing organization and your certification number .

(ISC)² Silicon Valley Chapter background image

People have been asking for the desktop/meeting background image that Ian Kluft has been using with an image of San Jose City Hall and the (ISC)² Silicon Valley Chapter logo. The picture was taken on a bicycle ride through downtown San Jose.

There is now a second background image with another Silicon Valley landmark: San Jose International Airport. The roadway is empty because the picture was taken at 1am.