Middle School Clubs, Activities, and Athletics

Each year, ISB teachers sponsor over 30 clubs/activities in the middle school. Club offerings include activities focusing on service, enrichment, physical fitness, culture and the arts. 

Middle School years are a very special time. The activities they engage in during this time play a very important part in the special growth that takes place during their adolescence. Adolescents love to explore and experiment, as well as be given a chance to excel and become experts.

ISB’s Middle School Activities Program aims to provide a wide variety of opportunities for our Middle School children. We recognize the great power of the learning that can take place in these co-curricular activities. As no two Middle School aged children are alike, there is no set mix of exploration and excelling that is “right”.

Our program is quite flexible in the choices it gives your child. Some activities are one time events, some meet regularly but are informal, and a number of activities require a significant commitment. As in all choices, there is a tradeoff; in this case, the chance for your child to excel will make up for their reduced ability to explore.

Most of the MS activities have no cost, and any registration is done directly with the activity sponsor at the first meeting, not through a formal registration process. 

When and where activities happen are posted in the MS Daily Student Announcements which all students receive in their email around 5:00pm the evening before each school day.  Parents, if you are not already on our mailing list and would like to begin receiving our MS Daily Student Announcements via email, please click here to access the form, complete the information within the form, and submit!.  You should begin receiving the announcements in your email within the next day or two.  If not, please contact maurilib@isb.c.th

Parents are strongly encouraged to review the activities information with their child so you can discuss the choices available. Unless otherwise noted, all our activities conclude at 3:15, allowing our students to take the 3:30 Montri Bus.

Should you ever have any comments or questions, please contact us. 

Maurilio Baron-Toaldo                         Kerry Dyke
MS Activities Director                          MS Athletics Director 
02 963 5800 x 4430                             02 963 5800 x 6615    
maurilib@isb.ac.th                               kerryd@isb.ac.th    

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