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Announcement on the AMERICAN IR SCHOLARS Program at BEIDA

Thanks to the generosity of China-U.S. Exchange Foundation, Peking University’s School of International Studies (SIS) is happy to announce the establishment of “American International Relations Scholars at Beida” (AIRSB) program. The SIS has long been devoted to the academic exchange between China and the United States. We welcome visits by scholars from American universities, research institutes and agencies that can inspire creative thinking, enrich mutual understanding and further develop cooperation. The SIS encourages visitors to interact with its faculty and students and gain access to its resources for research during the program.

Requirements: Applicants should be researchers or professionals 60 years old or younger at the application deadline, working in the field of international relations and comparative politics, preferably with a Ph.D. degree. China-related projects are wlecome and encouraged but NOT required. 
All applicants are required to submit the following applications for consideration: (1) a letter of intent describing the applicant's area of research/study, the proposed purpose of the visit to the SIS, expected arrival and departure dates; (2) an up-to-date curriculum vita; and (3) two letters of recommendation.

Working at SIS: The AIRSB scholars are encouraged to co-teach courses with SIS faculty members and are welcomed to participate into other scholarly activities. Each AIRSB scholar is expected to hold at least one talk at the SIS during his or her appointment, submit a research paper in either Chinese (around 5,000 characters) or English (around 2,500 words) toward the end of the visit, and make a note of acknowledgement for all other work conducted during or resulting from his or her appointment as an AIRSB scholar at the SIS.  

Deadlines: For the applicants who want to spend the autumn term at Peking University, which begins in early September, the application deadline is March 1st. For those who prefer to stay for the spring term, which usually starts in late February, the application deadline is October 1st.

Acceptance: After the applications are received, a faculty committee composed of professors of the main fields in international studies at the SIS will make the selection. The committee will send out the decision letter no later than April 15 to the applicants for the autumn term, or November 15 for the spring term

Support: The SIS will provide a monthly stipend ranging from US$2,000 to US$3,000, depending on the scholar’s credentials and seniority, as well as a roundtrip air ticket (economy class) from the scholar’s residence to Beijing. The SIS will laso provide AIRSB scholars with office space, library privileges, as well as access to research facilities such as telephone, computer, and Internet. Upon request, the SIS will also help the AIRSB scholars establish contact with other Chinese academic institutions and interview government officials.
The scholarship usually lasts between 2 months to 5 months.

Dr. WANG Dong, Program Coordinator
School of International Studies, Peking University
Beijing, 100817, China
Email:, Tel: 8610-6275-4537 (O)

Ms. CUI Ling, Program Assistant
Email:, Tel: 8610-6276-5951 (O)
Fax: 8610-6275-1639