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IMT Institute for Advanced Studies

Assistant Professor and Post-Doctoral Fellow Positions in Economics

IMT is an Institute for Advanced Studies that aims to push the frontiers of knowledge and to contribute to the formation of international professional elites for business and institutions.

Research and PhD Programs focus on institutional and technological change, the role of the organizations and markets in economic systems, the analysis of complex systems in social sciences, computer science and engineering. IMT attracts bright students, young researchers and professors through competitive transparent procedure at an international level.

IMT believes that faculty and staff diversity contributes to excellence and is an equal-opportunity employer.

Assistant Professors and Post-Doctoral Fellows are usually appointed for a fixed term from one year up to three years. All contracts may be renewed once, for up to six years. Assistant Professors differ from Post-doctoral Fellows on the basis of experience, scientific curriculum and compensation. The remuneration package is competitive at the international level and includes generous research funds. Additional benefits may be negotiated with selected applicants. IMT Assistant Professors and Post-Doctoral Fellows work closely with other young researchers, graduate students and senior researchers, and have a limited teaching load in the School graduate programs. The appointed persons are expected to conduct major research projects and publish in international journals.

IMT seeks for highly qualified candidates in the following fields: Applied Economics, Applied Public Economics, International Economics, International Trade, Industrial Organization, Political Economy, Law and Economics, Health Economics, are invited to apply for Faculty Positions at the Assistant Professor and Post-Doctoral Fellow level. Preference will be given to candidates oriented towards applied research and with a high degree of proficiency in the use of mathematical and statistical methods.
Preference will be given to candidates who have completed or are near completion of their Ph.D. degree, or candidates with experience in formal instruction at the graduate-level.

Candidates may apply by simply filling out an online application form, available on IMT website, and uploading relevant additional documents, such as the CV and relevant publications in PDF format. In addition, IMT requires reference letters for each candidate. IMT will be conducting interviews at the ASSA meetings on January 3-5, 2010 in Atlanta.


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