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Bring your toys to life

Our technology, combined with a child’s smart device, enables toys to talk to one another for only $7.50. Bring your existing toy lines to life by mounting a Toys2Life radio to your toy and recording your characters. At this price point, the magic of toys that talk to one another will create a “collect them all” desire among your customers.

In response to field testing, we have super-tuned the system to ensure a most magical playtime experience. The result? Many 6- to 8-year-old girls can’t stop playing and have to be physically removed at test’s end by their parents!

These toys talk to each other!

  • Kids choose which two toys converse by moving them nearer to one another
  • The child’s computer speakers play the characters’ pre-recorded audio lines
  • The dialog engine selects the characters’ lines, creating endless possibilities
  • The child’s voice is not recorded in basic play mode!

What’s included at $7.50 per toy:

  • Radio board and dialog engine software for Windows (2018), iOS and Android (2019)

Enhancements planned for 2019:

  • Electronics to replace the smart device requirement — $26
  • Radio board with built-in speaker allowing sound to play from doll — $11
  • Subscription-based character updates provide recurring revenue

Kids can also create their own characters!

With the Toys2Life play system, children have the opportunity to discover the complex interaction between language and technology via a fun and imaginative mode of play.

Bring your toy line to life with STEM learning

Radio and Dialog Engine Software

Character Creation Software

Kids choose which toys converse by moving them nearer to one another

Allowing kids to create their own characters encourages creative play similar to Minecraft™ and Lego®

With only dozens of dialog lines, characters can have thousands of unique conversational interactions

Adds STEM/STEAM value to your existing toys

An easy and inexpensive way to update existing toys, creating a multi-piece, interactive set

Characters that kids create get to talk to commercially-produced characters under your brand

Low-cost toys drive high-tech learning options for your customers

In basic play mode, your toys will talk using professionally pre‑recorded dialog. For an additional $12, the character creation software puts kids behind the wheel to create and record their own characters. Using the software, kids have the means to map their own voices to toys — these toys can then converse with your existing branded toys.

Kids’ writing skills and emotional intelligence will improve as they learn to communicate direct and implied ideas, call out motivations, and label the emotional content of their dialog. By adding Toys2 Life to your existing toy line, your brand will promote the vital, next-gen STEM skills of math and computational thinking that parents seek — all at a welcomed entry-level price. What are you waiting for? Bring your toys to life today!

For more on how our system works, visit our Toys2Life Tech Page

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Bring your toys to life by contacting Isaac Davenport:   |    303.859.5773   |    Toys2Life, 13918 E. Mississippi Ave. #61238, Aurora, CO 80012