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The Student Activist

Isaac Bean is a student and research assistant of Psychology and Law & Society at The Ohio State University. He's looking forward to researching the effects that certain approaches to correctional rehabilitation and achieving social equity have on communities and the individuals that they directly affect. His long term interests lie in developing and advocating for improvements to our criminal justice and prison systems and the way we address social problems in our communities. He currently works in a Social Neurochemistry Lab under Dr. Baldwin Way, PhD assisting with trials that explore the unintended social side effects of pharmacological manipulators found in common medications. He is also an intern for a U.S. Senator and an active member, co-leader, and coalition manage of the Columbus chapter of Represent.Us, a non-partisan organization that lobbies for anti-corruption legislation designed to start from the local level and bubble up.

(Isaac speaking at City Hall on Tax Day about corrupt representation with Represent.Us)

The Actor

Isaac Bean, by night, is a 21-year-old actor with well-rounded years in print, voice over, stage work, and television who is on a short hiatus while pursuing education, research, and community activism. His role as one of the six members in Season 4 of the PBS Kids TV show "Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman" is still being aired nationally on PBS and is also available to stream on Netflix. Though his acting activities have been limited while in college, he hopes to continue acting on the side throughout his career.

(Isaac in his most recent role as the "All Good Gifts" Auguste Clown in "Godspell")

DOB:     6/10/95

Height:    5’ 8”

Weight:   145

Hair:        Brown

Eyes: Green

NY & LA Agent:

Bob Luke Studios

341 W 47th Street

New York, NY 10036


Boston Agent:

Dynasty Models & Talent

207 Newbury St.

Boston, MA 02116