Our School

At Oliver Wendell Holmes Intermediate School 204, we are dedicated to developing the whole child in a student-centered, warm, safe and welcoming environment.  The Holmes School provides students with a rigorous Common Core Curriculum that is individualized to meet the specific needs of each learner.  Also, I.S. 204 offers students a variety of engaging extracurricular activities, seven athletic teams, student celebrations, student led conferences, and a science themed magnet curriculum which prepares students for 21st century careers and college.  In addition, the I.S. 204 Basketball, Baseball and Soccer teams have been recognized as the top middle school programs in New York City.  

I.S. 204 has collaborations with St. Johns University Gear Up, GRYC, Cornell University STEM,  City Year,  Intrepid, Urban Advantage, Museum of Moving Image, and the NYPD Youth Police Academy. I.S. 204 maintains a culture of collaboration, where staff members strive to consistently improve best instructional practices through lesson studies and inquiry work in order to foster student growth and achievement.  The Holmes School also fosters a strong collaboration among its parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community partners; which contributes to the success of our school community.

Advanced Programs and Classes
-The Magnet School for Living Green in a Global  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
-I.S. 204: Spanish Dual Language Program
Academic Opportunities 
Regents Classes: Earth Science, Integrated Algebra 
Enrichment Classes:  Environmental Action through 
Language Classes: Spanish and Dual Language 

    Intermediate School 204 is a diverse school community made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from from all over Queens.  Our school is comprised of close to 500 students, and more than 50 staff who work hard every day to give our students the best opportunity to succeed.  

    With the addition of Beacon, classes for adults as well as students, and many before and after school activities, our school is the cornerstone of the community, staying open six days a week until 10:00pm!  This gives our students plenty of positive, supervised activities to keep them engaged after school hours.  

    With support of our community leaders, we are giving our children an opportunity to overcome obstacles and make their contribution to the world!  

What parents like best about I.S. 204: our safe and welcoming environment, our rigorous curricula that prepares students for college and careers, student led conferences, Dual Language programs, open door policy, frequent communication, small communities to meet the social and emotional needs of all children, Honors and Regents classes, on‑line grade book (PupilPath), Class Dojo, science/STEM research, interdisciplinary projects, awards celebrations, parent workshops, free adult ESL classes, community partnerships, and high expectations for all students and staff members. 

What students like best about I.S. 204: a feeling of safety, our challenging academic environment, student collaboration and critical thinking, student led conferences, teachers, updated technology, Gear Up, lunch clubs, STEM research, accessibility to staff, staff members knowing their name, Google Docs, small classes, school spirit days, free tutoring, and feeling exceptionally well‑prepared for high school, college, and a career.