Parent Coordinator-Ms. Velez

Overall, the Parent Coordinator focuses on
  • Creating a welcoming school environment for parents
  • Working with the principal to address parent issues and concerns at the school
  • Conducting outreach to engage parents in their children’s education
  • Strengthening parent involvement in their children’s education

Please complete the PTA Interest Form below...

PTA Interest Form

PTA President
Nadine Hurry

PTA Board
Yvette Howard
Sara Giron Ortiz
Evette Cabrera
Cindy Dominguez-Segundo

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this time to welcome you to I.S. 204 Executive PTA board and to our PTA members. We’re excited about the new school year and all the fun activities we have planned. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and would like for you to fully partner with us. In doing so, you can attend all meetings, help raise money during our fundraisers, and encourage your child to appreciate our great school and its opportunities. We encourage you to attend our meetings so that you voice your opinion and commitment as well as pay your PTA dues. The PTA due is a yearly cost of 10 dollars. Feel free to contact us at our email Our board members are Nadine Daniel-Hurry, Yvette Howard, Sara Giron Ortiz, Evette Cabrera, Cindy Dominguez- Segundo.

                                                                Kind Regards,

                                                                    I.S.204 PTA