Language acquisition

An Extended Essay in Language Acquisition allow you to explore the language and culture of the target language. This can be through researching texts, literature or specific cultural artifacts such as films, musical lyrics, TV programmes, artwork or architecture.

You need not be fluent in the target language, as you are assessed on your research and analytical skills.

However, you are not allowed to write a Language Acquisition essay in a language you are following for Studies in Language and Literature. You are also not allowed to use literature that you examined in your Studies in Language and Literature course.

For more details about this Extended Essay option, read the subject-specific guidance from the IB Extended Essay guide below.

Language aquisition guidelines.pdf

For recommendations from the examiner, read the Extended Essay report below.

English B examiner's report.pdf
German B examiner's report.pdf

Example essays and examiner comments:

Language Acquisition example A essay.pdf

Essay A

Language Acquisition example A examiner comments.docx

Examiner comments

Language Acquisition example B essay.pdf

Essay B

Language Acquisition example B examiner comments.docx

Examiner comments

German B A.pdf

German example - grade A

German B grade A.pdf

German example - grade A